What can an abdominal ct scan miss

The third group received an abdominal CT scan, also conducted by a radiologist. With six months of patient follow-up, the study found that health outcomes for 2,759 patients were just as good with ultrasound as with CT, and that patients fared no worse when emergency physicians instead of radiologists performed the ultrasound exam.

Hi, I've had a non contrast abdominal and pelvic ct scan due to a kidney stone. All came back normal. I've recent developed nausea that wakes me up in the middle of the night.. Ultrasound abdomen, ultrasound can provide more information about the abdomen, while CT scan may miss fewer cases than ultrasound. CT scan and ultrasound can also be used to detect.

Can a CT scan detect cancer? Should you get a CT scan to detect possible tumors? The answer is yes, and American Health Imaging can help.




Re: Can a CT scan miss an incisional hernia? Hi, I saw a surgeon a few weeks ago who confirmed that I have an incisional hernia, it's on the left side of the scar from when my large bowel was removed. It's causing me problems and pain, the bowel goes in to spasm and gets stuck in the hernia, any where from a few seconds to hours, the time.

These findings are nonspecific and could indicate peritoneal inflammatory disease. Differential possibilities include panniculitis. There is no abscess, definitive bowel wall thickening or free air.

I was put on Cipro but later learned after the Urinalysis came back that it was absolutely not an infection. Last week after being seen by a Urologist I had a CT scan done of the entire abdomial area. Small nonobstructing stone found in left kidney but doctor said it is not the cause for my bleeding. I have now been scheduled for a Cystoscopy.